Yangzhou New Telecom Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. (NTD) was founded in June, 2010. NTD plans to be one of China top high-tech corporates to provide cutting-edge technical competitive total solution/one-stop-service for our clients in Smart Phones, Tablet PCs, and Automotive Electronics.

Motivated by rapid growth of the 3G/4G market worldwide, NTD is ready to serve all parties within the 3G/4G consumer electronics ecosystem, such as Carriers, Phone Manufacturers, Designing Houses, Independent Software Providers, Internet-based Content Providers, and End Users, with value-added leading platforms, products, and excellent user experience.

Based on the excellent Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets (SDM845, SDM6x0, SDM6x6, SDM4xx, MSM89xx, MSM8x60A, MSM8x55, MSM8x25, MSM7x27A, MSM7x25A etc.), NTD is focusing on developing 3G/4G Smart Phones and Tablet PCs and providing sufficient and high-quality products and services (especially as follows) for our customers and partners:
★"One-stop-service" - software & hardware design service - total solutions;
★ Short time-to-market time with high-quality;
★ Stable and deep - customized Android platforms with full compatibility of Google CTS to support all kinds of third-party applications;
★ Quick response to host all kinds of needs & requirements for carriers world-wide.

NTD is open to our clients to pick and choose any of the cooperation models: PCBA, OpenBOM, and Turn-key.

NTD has got in touched various markets, including China Operators and product manufacture, international marking and operators, such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telefonica, H3G, Orange, Russian, Singapore, India etc. Featured in Quality, Creativity, Professionalism, Enterprising, Win-Win as core values to our culture, NTD is ready to face any challenges from market and/or technology.

Our vision

NTD expects to become an international famous brand in decades, by serving our clients' growth in telecomm, digital home and other consumer electronics industry.

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